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Salary Research

Salary and benefits are crucial to engaging and retaining the best talents. Organizations struggle with finding the right balance between offering the right pay and incentive structure and maintaining a healthy payroll.

Benefits include financial and non-financial benefits and other perks that drive employee interest.

Salary benchmarking enables Organizations to match internal roles with similar external jobs in similar industries or with similar responsibilities to identify the market rate for each position.

We help your Organization compare its salary and overall compensation packages with the industry average. This ensures you don't lose great talents to competitors easily as compensation remains one of the top reasons for employee mobility.

Our salary research, based on the request, may include:

  • Specific company benchmark
  • Industry benchmark
  • role benchmark across industries
among others.

In addition to providing you with relevant salary data, we will offer recommendations to enable you to remain competitive in the market.

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Ogugua Belonwu
Team Lead, Research & Salaries

Salary Research
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