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Salary Research Report
Each employee is special and offering the right pay begins with researching the market rate for different positions comprising of both salaries and benefits across industries.

We seek to help your organization compare its salary and overall compensation packages with the industry average. This ensures you don't lose great talents to competitors easily as compensation remains one of the top reasons for employee mobility.

What is Salary Research?

Salary research is a survey of different salaries from different companies in the same industry that can be analyzed and compared to your own organization.

These surveys draw information from diverse employees for different job categories and then broken down by location, industry and market rate.

The best result is then obtained from organizations similar (based on size) to yours. This means that if your company is of a small size, it would be necessary to compare with a small sized or middle-sized company in the same area, and industry as yours.

So, in order to be fair in compensating employees, salary research gives you the knowledge of what to pay based on the “market rate” for every position.

Why Salary Research?

"Deciding what to pay employees doesn't have to be difficult"
Salary and benefits are crucial to engaging and retaining the best talents.

Knowing how organizations struggle with finding the right balance between offering the right pay and incentive structure and maintaining a healthy payroll, salary research is designed to help you determine a fair and competitive salary for your employees based on their job title, location and level of experience.

And that is why MySalaryScale salary research tool offers general information on fair compensation (which is determined by matching internal roles with similar external jobs in similar industries or with similar responsibilities to identify the market rate for each position).

What makes MySalaryScale different from other salary research tools?

In addition to providing you with relevant salary data, we will offer recommendations to enable you to remain competitive in the market.

Let us help you make the best decision about what to pay

Features of Salary Research

Are you an Employer or HR Manager?
MySalaryScale salary research tool offers:
  1. Detailed salary reports for specific positions across industries in various locations.
  2. Salary growth index overtime.
  3. Advice on how to best attract and retain top talents.
  4. Recommendations to enable you to remain competitive in the market (employer branding).


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