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Lagos State Government

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  • Lagos State Government Employee Reviews

    2 reviews
    • December 8, 2017
      (Current employee)

    • Pros

      Job security, flexible work hours, fair work life balance.

    • Cons

      Incentives can sometimes be highly demoralising. Career progression is not encouraging.

    • Helpful
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    • February 22, 2019
      (Previous employee)

    • Pros

      Working for lagos state was rewarding. All the zones had medical problems peculiar to their environment. This gave me insight that the environment is important in the evolution of diseases and health care should be made to suit each designated geographical location. Because of the availability of funds, my job description and responsibilities were adequate to work in the rural part of the state, as well as the urban local governments of the state.

    • Cons

      The main problem was the population that were hard to reach for evacuation of refuse and Immunization of Children and expectant mothers. It was difficult to enforce government and local government laws due to inadequate law enforcement officers. The population changed frequently and it was difficult to ensure complete coverage during Immunization. Supplementary immunization had to be adopted and extended to markets and motor parks. Over spilling refuse and littering remained a problem. Human Population movement made it difficult to eliminate the wild Polio Virus and much fund was necessary to track defaulters living in streets that had no names and areas used as transit points such as Ketu and seme border.

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