Lowest-Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Most of the lowest-paying jobs in Nigeria today are part of those jobs that used to be very important especially for the younger ones who are just starting out in the work world.

But as time goes on, people tend to take their career to the next level and search for something more lucrative, rewarding and innovative.

Among  the list of these lowest-paying jobs, we found out that majority of the jobs are for undergraduates  and those that are for graduates need more professional skills and qualifications to progress further to a more befitting salary.

People often complain about job scarcity in Nigeria forgetting that when they have the right skill, career path and qualification things tend to work better. At some point one doesn’t even have to keep waiting to be called for a job as long you have the right career stand.

Based on mysalaryscale’s data we realized that the first monthly average salary of an employed graduate is around #47,223 which is above the total average of most of these lowest-paying jobs.  And on a recent survey carried out by myjobmag, you will find out that about 59.73% of people are unemployed owing to the fact that most of them have not acquired the in-demand skills/qualifications needed.

The purpose of this article is to keep you informed about the jobs that will not let you earn what we call “a good salary” in Nigeria so that you can open your mind to better opportunities and let you take the right step when it comes to making your career choice.

Here’s a rundown of the lowest-paying jobs in Nigeria:

9). Teacher ₦45,000

This is one of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria. As more schools come to light more teachers and other school workers are always needed. From the image below, you will agree with me that subject teachers are highly paid than class teachers. In some private schools, teachers need not have a degree, while in government schools you must have at least completed NYSC. If one decides to take the level of education higher, he may end up becoming a lecturer, thereby earn more pay.

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8). Computer Operator ₦42,000

Computer operators work in a cyber café or data center where they operate systems across multiple sites, enter data into the system and oversee the running of computer systems. They ned not be graduates but with more professional skills and qualifications, they can do better in their field.

7). Security Guard ₦40,000

From post to post, they patrol, inspect and guard people, assets, money or properties against fire, theft, and any illegal activities. Their job varies from employer to employer and they are fast thinking people who risk their lives in order to protect others. Unfortunately they are among the lowest paid in Nigeria.

6). Messenger, Office Assistant ₦39,000

They assist in the office, running errands for the company as much as possible, keeping office files and documents in order. They also deliver messages and items from one department to another. This category does not really require B.sc and it is only for young people.

5). Launderer, Laundry Man ₦35,750

Jobs like this are more common in places where most people don’t have time to do their laundry or amongst people who do not have washing machine. Both young and old engage in such jobs.

4). Janitor, Cleaner ₦35,000

Jobs like this can be really unpleasant. Taking care of the environment, it may be in the bank, hospitals, offices, roads, and homes etc where they make sure everywhere is neat and properly kept. Some of these people also earn as low as ₦10,000 depending on the organization.

3). Waiter, Waitress, Porter, Bar-man, Bartender, ₦33,000

This job category does not necessarily need a degree and most people doing this kind of job are much younger and have no experience so all these coupled with the fact that there are so many jobs in the field is the reason for the low pay. Some of them rely on tips and not their salary and they also can work part-time. The average salary for these set of employees is ₦33,000.

2). Clerk ₦32,000

Clerks can be found in banks and other organizations. They are saddled with the responsibilities of filing, record keeping, and other administrative duties.  Most employers prefer applicants with ND certificates while others prefer degree. But unfortunately, the pay is little.

1). Cafe Attendants ₦10,000

This is the least among the lowest-paying jobs presently based on our data. Café attendants work in café though it varies. Their responsibilities are seating customers in the café, cleaning tables, taking dirty dishes to kitchen and refilling glasses.


Myjobmag’s survey reveals that the course one, studied the school one attended and the choice of career does not affect employment status. In the same sense, all these also don’t affect one’s salary. It only takes you to know what you want and effect a change in the industry of your choice with your skills and qualification alongside determination.

Find out what people are doing and do it better. Take a look at the highest paying entry-level jobs in Nigeria and take the right step to earning more.

Frances Anonu

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