Safaricom salaries in Mysalaryscale

Safaricom Salaries

Safaricom is one of the most admired companies in Kenya and was named one of the best companies to work for in Kenya. The company is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, and one of the most profitable companies in the East and Central African region. Because of the curiosity of most employees about Safaricom […]

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Employee Salary Analyses in Nigeria came up with the salary structure of various employees in Nigeria, cutting across different professions, companies, industries, and the 36 states of the federation. From about 35,000 valid salaries gotten from our database which was inputed by employees, we have been able to generate analyses of employees’ salaries in Nigeria for 2019.  With three-quarter […]

MySalaryScale Salary Calculator: How to Get a Higher Salary in 2019

Are you ready to get a higher salary in 2019? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Today I am going to tell you about MySalaryScale Salary Calculator and how you can use it to help you negotiate your way to a higher salary. Working for quite a while without receiving that paycheck of your […]

What to do When Salary Negotiation Fails

“What is your desired salary?’’ The unwritten rule when it comes to salary is this: whoever proposes a number first loses. When you interview, you should never feel pressured to answer this question. Simply let your interviewer know that the most important thing to you is how well you fit the position.” – Travis Bradberry […]

How Employees are Paid in Kenya

What is the average salary of employees in Kenya? How are employees paid in Kenya? Which counties pay high in Kenya; which professions have the least/highest salaries in Kenya? All these are questions that will be specifically answered in this article based on over 26k employee salary report from our database in Kenya. Also, you […]

Nigerian Navy Salaries

The Nigerian Navy (NN) is the sea branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is the water-focused military force. The Nigerian Navy command structure today consists of the Naval Headquarters in Abuja, three operational commands with headquarters in Lagos, Calabar, and Bayelsa. Training command’s headquarters are located in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, but with […]

Nigerian Army Ranks and Salaries 2019

The Nigerian Army (formerly Royal West African Frontier Force) was founded in 1990. They were trained by the British and also helped them to fight World War 2. First, the focus of this article is to help readers have an insight to the salary structure of the Nigerian Army salaries. However, let’s shed some light […]

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Salary Structure

This article focuses on the salaries of NDLEA staff which is based on their grade and level. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a federal government agency in Nigeria which is mandated to terminate the manufacturing, importation, exportation, selling, and the entire processing of illicit drugs as it is universally unacceptable. Apply for […]

Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs in Nigeria

Looking for a well paying entry level job? Mysalaryscale have been able to identify the highest paying entry level jobs for 2019 from reports by users with 1-2 years of experience in different job fields. It is only normal for job-seekers and graduates seeking entry level jobs to be interested in the opportunities with the […]

Teachers Salary In Kenya

Teaching is one of the most demanding professions in the world and teachers round the world share a common significance of impacting knowledge and contributing greatly in the future of young ones, but how encouraging is the salary of these teachers? The roles teachers play in the lives of students, education and society at large […]

The Average Medical Salaries in Kenya

Introduction Being a medical professional is one of the most desired professions all over the world. Almost every family wants to have at least one medical practitioner amongst them. This is usually because they tend to live on incomes higher than most of the other professions and the nature of the kind of job they […]

Most Sought After Engineering Jobs in Kenya and Their Salaries

When you hear the word “engineer” what comes to your mind? Most people would probably picture someone fixing electricity, electronics or cars while some others will think of those working in the oil and gas industry. The term “engineering” cuts across a broad category of well defined occupations with workers responsible for a huge number […]

Civil Defence Salary Structure In Nigeria

Disasters inevitably affect all parts of the world whether of natural or human origin. (ICDO) The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is a para-military agency of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that is commissioned to provide measures against threat and any form of attack or disaster against the nation and […]


In start-up organizations where there are very few employees, it is easy to make decisions on what to offer. But as your business expands, and you start employing more people, there’s every tendency that employees will begin to have indifferences about who earns what and this in some offices attract petty office gossips which can […]

Information Technology Salaries in Nigeria

What is the average pay for an I.T professional in Nigeria? Information Technology career has grown in popularity and is one of the most attractive and well-paid careers in the world and I.T professionals are in demand. According to LinkedIn, I.T jobs are one of the top skills employers are recruiting for in 2018 so […]

Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) Salary Structure

Ever wondered about the Nigerian borders security and the rules/ policies that determine what happens at our country’s border? We are often told what to take and what not to take (contraband) when we are travelling and these policies affect us directly or indirectly, and the people that enforce these rules are known as the […]