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Employee Salary Analyses in Nigeria came up with the salary structure of various employees in Nigeria, cutting across different professions, companies, industries, and the 36 states of the federation. From about 35,000 valid salaries gotten from our database which was inputed by employees, we have been able to generate analyses of employees’ salaries in Nigeria for 2019.  With three-quarter […]


In start-up organizations where there are very few employees, it is easy to make decisions on what to offer. But as your business expands, and you start employing more people, there’s every tendency that employees will begin to have indifferences about who earns what and this in some offices attract petty office gossips which can […]

Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) Salary Structure

Ever wondered about the Nigerian borders security and the rules/ policies that determine what happens at our country’s border? We are often told what to take and what not to take (contraband) when we are travelling and these policies affect us directly or indirectly, and the people that enforce these rules are known as the […]

10 signs you are not getting a raise

10 Signs You Aren’t Getting a Raise

Introduction It’s the performance review season for most employees. Everyone is happy because a raise could be in store. But things might not go the way you planned. What happens if you do not get the raise? It will be helpful if you know why. You didn’t get the raise Before you start dreaming of […]

Comparing job offers: Employee benefit packages

Comparing Job Offers: Employee Benefit Packages

Introduction Job seekers and employees of today tend to overlook employer benefit packages. Everything pretty much ends after they get their dream jobs or dream salary. What happens if you get more than one job offer, or decide to leave your current job? Employee benefit packages can be used as a basis to compare and […]


Anonymous Soldier writes Buhari on Meagre Pay and Gross Corruption

A soldier currently attached to the Operation Lafiya Dole, the military anti-insurgency operation in the North-East is believed to have written a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. The anonymous soldier in his letter alleged that the soldiers in the front-line were being poorly treated as a result of massive corruption in the army. The Director,  […]