Lagos State Teachers Salary

It is said that teaching is the mother of all professions. The doctors, nurses, programmers, engineers, and all others were all taught by teachers before they got to where they are today.

The teaching profession remains and will keep growing but the amazing fact is how teaching is one of the lowest paid among all other professions.

The Lagos State Teachers Recruitment is ongoing and am sure most people would love to know what they should expect as their monthly pay and benefits.

If you are one of them then you have landed on the right page where you get first hand salary information.

Lagos Teachers Salary

The average salary of Lagos state teachers is ₦59,000,

Where the entry level salary is ₦46,000,

And senior level salary is ₦81,000.

See breakdown of teacher’s salary here

This salary information is based on salary estimated from over 200 employees in Lagos.

Click to view salaries of Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board

Lagos SUBEB Recruitment

English, history, Yoruba, commerce, basic science, biology and many more teachers needed.

To apply go to

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