Top Manufacturing Companies you should work for

Which company do I work for?

Which company has the best working environment? Which company can help me build my career? These are common questions that run through the minds of jobseekers.

People want to work in a big company but choosing where to work is one of the most stressful decisions to make. It is only normal for someone to do a research to find out the best company where they can build their career. But how do you go about it?

That is why we put this article together to help you make the right decision in choosing the best manufacturing company to work.

This list is based on rating determined by anonymous inputs from employees.

In this article, we are going to be looking at the list of top companies, what they do, what employees are saying about them and the average salary of employees in the company.

1) Flour Mills of Nigeria

Flour Mills of Nigeria is the company that produces Golden Penny flours which is very popular amongst bakeries, consumers, and confectioneries in Nigeria. Every employee from the top down really treats each other with respect, they care about you as an individual and truly are invested in your success. Flour Mills of Nigeria is one of the organizations that make the safety of their employees their priority and has been awarded with the first “Lagos Vision Zero” award manufacturing safety culture in acknowledgement of FMN achievements in the effort to manage occupational risks for workers in its operations.

Flour Mills of Nigeria Average Salary:  ₦146k

Employee Review: Well entrenched organizational core values.

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2) United Africa Company of Nigeria (UACN)

UACN is one of the top multinational manufacturers in Nigeria known for producing the popular gala, supreme ice-cream, coconut chips and many more. They offer great training and have a great support structure. The company truly takes care of employees with mouth-watering salary and bonuses.  So, if you are a job seeker and you are open to learning, then this is your dream company.

UAC Company Average Salary:  ₦223k

Employee Review: It is a great place to work because of the training program they have. When employed they have to rebrand you the type of person they want you to be and know the way they operate.

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3) Guinness Nigeria

Guinness Nigeria is an iconic African company renowned internationally for its high quality brands,  Located in Ikeja Lagos. It is as a company that believes in enriching the communities within which it operates, through investment and active participation in the positive evolution of society. As one of the most reputable and trusted consumer goods company in Nigeria, Guinness is recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute for consistently being a great place to work over the last 7 years. The company is also a great place to grow ones career, so if you are a job seeker looking to grow your career then the focus should be here.

Guinness Average Salary: ₦158k

Employee Review: Maintains high standards of compliance to all legal requirements, It does not bribe government officials, they believe audits and inspections are improvement tools and should be thoroughly done to achieve that; a great culture of safety and valuing each other; From MD down to the floor members, everyone is called by their first name; produces very innovative products; a great place to grow your career if you are willing to work.

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4) De-United Foods Industries Limited (DUFIL)

DUFIL Company has consequently grown into one of the most popular and known manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Dufil Prima Foods produces one of the most popular brands in the world “Indomie” and some other nutritional foods like Dano Milk, Power Oil, Emperor Oil, Power Pasta, Hypo, Minimie noodles and chin-chin, Lush Attachment, “Munch It” and its newest product “Indomie Relish”.

Dufil Average Salary in Nigeria: ₦119k

Employee Review:  De-united foods industries limited is one that has a good focus on developing its human capital, this unique quality makes it stands out among other organization. Also, it has a good welfare package for all the staffs in terms of incentive.

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5) Unilever Nigeria

Unilever Nigeria is one of the best-known manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Headquartered in Lagos and specializes in food production and personal care goods. Some of the most popular products by Unilever include Lipton, Knorr, Blue Band, Lux, Vaseline, Omo and Close Up. The company has some of the best employees and encourages constant learning with top notch work-life balance.

Nestle Average Salary in Nigeria: ₦117k

Employee Review: Great opportunity to learn; world class experience.

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6) Nestle

Nestle is a multinational company established in 1957 in Nigeria. The company has about 2,300 direct employees, 3 manufacturing sites, 8 branch offices and a head office located in Lagos. Nestle produces and markets several iconic brands including Maggi, Milo, Golden Morn and Nescafé.  Nestle emerged “Best Employee-Friendly Organization in Food and Beverage Industry in Nigeria” and seek to help employees make more informed decisions about their own health, take personal responsibility and choose to live and work in a safe and healthy way. You can apply for Nestle jobs in Nigeria here.

Nestle Average Salary: ₦183K

Nestle Employee Review: Share Capital, quality products, quality health care services, bonuses for employees, global presence and beautiful and conducive working environment.

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7) Nigerian Breweries

Nigerian Breweries is the largest brewery in Nigeria. Nigerian Breweries offers vacation, holiday and sick-leave policies, employees spouse and children medical care, insurance, and an attractive and progressive pension scheme. Employees also receive grants on cars and homes.

The company also pays much attention to the issue of employee wellness by organizing seminars and exhibitions such as the SHE (Safety and Health) week where important information about safety in the workplace is obtained.

Nigerian Breweries Average Salary: ₦214K

Nigerian Breweries Employee Review: They have a nice working environment. Great relationships with the staff and lots of positive motivations and building each other up.

8) Dangote Group

Dangote Group known as the Largest Manufacturing Conglomerate in West Africa which employs the highest employees in Nigeria was founded in 1921 and headquartered in Lagos State. The company focuses on the production of cement, food and beverages.

Dangote Group offers opportunities to both undergraduates and graduates. Allow employees practicalize and supervise themselves.

Dangote Nigeria Average Salary: ₦127K

Employee Review: This is one of the best places to work. It is a company that contributes a lot in career building and support, so much in providing the masses with much life amenities.

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This list of companies were carefully selected from the numerous manufacturing companies in Nigeria based on employee reviews and rating.

Do you think your company should be on this list but is not? Hurry to and drop a review about your company to enable people see what it feels like working in your company.

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