Information Technology Salaries in Nigeria

What is the average pay for an I.T professional in Nigeria?

Information Technology career has grown in popularity and is one of the most attractive and well-paid careers in the world and I.T professionals are in demand.

According to LinkedIn, I.T jobs are one of the top skills employers are recruiting for in 2018 so if you are still thinking of starting a career in IT, then this guide is for you.

Most Popular Skills in the I.T Industry and their Basic Monthly Salary:

Web Developer/Programmer:  Web developers design, create, and modify websites. They are responsible for maintaining a user-friendly, stable website that offers the necessary functionality for their client’s needs. Web developers’ job is no easy task because they essentially have to take a language we understand, such as English, and translate it into a language that a computer understands, such as HTML or Python and this requires a detailed understanding of various programming languages and how they are used.

The average salary of Web Developers in Nigeria is ≈ ₦112k

Network Engineer: A network engineer, also known as “security systems engineers” is a technology professional who has the necessary skills to plan, implement and oversee the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services. Network Engineers focus on delivering high-availability network infrastructure to sustain the online and on-site information technology activities of users. They must be knowledgeable of a variety of networking technologies, such as routing, cryptographic tunneling, firewalls, and others. A telecoms or computer science-related degree is needed for this role.

The average salary of Network Engineers is ≈ ₦144k

Network Administrator: Network administrators are I.T experts responsible for making sure that computer hardware and network infrastructure related to an organization’s data network are effectively maintained. They install, maintain and upgrade any software or hardware required to efficiently run a computer network.

The average salary of Network Administrator is ≈ ₦113k

I.T Manager: Information technology managers are mainly responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities that have to do with the computer and information systems of a company. From the hardware to software to the network of an organization, I.T managers are in charge of their installation and maintenance. They also ensure the security of the company’s electronic data and manage other IT personnel who report to them within the organization.

The average salary of I.T Managers is ≈ ₦209k

I.T Consultant: These set of poeple work closely with clients by advising them on how to use technology to overcome problems or meet their business needs. Their primary duties are; implementing technological solutions to solve business problems, implementation, and testing of technology and working with in-house technical teams to ensure consistency of use.

The average salary of I.T Consultant is ≈ ₦142k

Computer Scientist:  These are people who solve problems using technology. They develop new technologies, systems and computer-based solutions, in order to solve problems in a variety of fields. Computer scientists create applications for mobile devices, develop websites and program software.

The averge salary of Computer Scientists is ≈ ₦86k

Technical Support: These are people who provide technical expertise, develop and implement IT systems, manage IT projects, provide after-sales support, or even develop code for external clients. A technical degree is needed for this role.

The average salary of Technical Support Officers is ≈ ₦67k

Systems Analyst: Systems analysts help companies or other organizations use computer technology effectively and efficiently. They are responsible for defining and analyzing system problems; designing and testing standards that provide a feasible solution, typically in response to requests from their business or a customer. They gather requirements and identify the costs and the time needed to implement the project.

The average salary of Systems Analyst is ≈ ₦181k

Business Analyst: They are responsible for conducting research and analysis that proffers solutions to business problems and help to introduce the systems to businesses and their clients. They help organizations to make more money, solve existing business problems and/or better achieve their goals. To be a business analyst, you should at least have a degree in business, computing, economics, or numeracy-related subject.

The average salary of Business Analysts is ≈ ₦209k

Software Tester: These are people who analyze software and systems to avert risk and prevent issues. They are involved in the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment by conducting tests to ensure the software created by developers fits for purpose, and they also remove issues within a product before it is displayed. Software testers create software systems and technical products including vehicles, defense, electronic goods and many more. They are also known as test analysts or quality assurance tester.

The average salary of Software Testers is ≈ ₦134k

These are the average monthly basic salaries of I.T professionals. The salary estimates given are based on salaries submitted to mysalaryscale by I.T employees from different companies. If you are currently working or have experience in any of these fields, feel free to drop your salary information and find out your worth.

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