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Just like Shade in an interview, have you ever felt puzzled or tried dodging the salary question when asked by an interviewer? Or better still, you have gone for an interview having no idea of the company’s salary structure or the market rate for the job position you had applied for? This ought not to be.

Information as it is being said is power. And having the accurate information of the salary structure of a company before interviewing with them, has a way of giving an interviewee the necessary confidence needed in discussing the salary details with the interviewer. It helps you in negotiating aright and bargaining accurately. having gathered salary data from over one thousand job positions in about two thousand companies and thirty-four industries cutting across the thirty-six states of the federation and the FCT, getting to know the salary of the job position you are applying for or hope to apply for in future has become an easy task and can be done with just a few clicks. These salary information is simply aimed at killing the secrecy in Nigerian salaries and Africa at large and making you more knowledgeable about it and ultimately richer.

Company Reviews

You might have just been invited for an interview like Aliyu, and yet you have no idea about the company you are interviewing with. You know nothing about its pros, its cons and other relevant information of the company that could just give you an edge over the other interviewees and prospects for the job.

With the increasing rise in unemployment and strict mode of interviews adopted by companies recently, getting to know about the company in a firsthand medium from existing or previous employees of that firm has a high tendency of giving you an edge in the interview and finally getting you the job. Prospective employees overtime have been known to distinct themselves from others by gathering adequate information about a company before they interview with them. helps you read the reviews from employees of your prospective firms. Thus getting you closer to get the job.

Job Evaluation

Have you like Okon, ever thought of the fact that your colleagues doing same job as you, earn more than you do? And sometimes even in the same company or same industry?

Getting the information about the average market rate of the job position you are applying for or you are currently working in is the quickest way to know that. helps you to know the average market salary for all job positions you can ever think of in Nigeria. This way, you become well knowledgeable. And of course since knowledge will always be power, with this power, you can now bargain for more.

Getting the Best from

While MySalaryScale is focused on helping you to have all of the information needed in evaluating your offer, bargaining for more pay, getting firsthand reviews on prospective companies and ultimately making you richer, we also encourage you submit salaries for your current and previous job positions and reviews for your company as well. As more and more data reflects a better average and a more accurate information.

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