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Employee Salary Analyses in Nigeria came up with the salary structure of various employees in Nigeria, cutting across different professions, companies, industries, and the 36 states of the federation. From about 35,000 valid salaries gotten from our database which was inputed by employees, we have been able to generate analyses of employees’ salaries in Nigeria for 2019.  With three-quarter […]

salaries of ngos and npos in nigeria

Salaries of Non-Profits and Non-Governmental Organizations in Nigeria

Introduction Recently, you would have observed that Non-Profit Organizations in Nigeria tend to have lots of job openings, even more, when compared to most profit-making ones. Quite True! Secondly, you would have probably observed also that recently, most individuals are more attracted to working with NPO’s than they are to other organizations. This is true […]

salaries of marketers, sales and business developers

Salaries of Marketers, Sales Representatives and Business Developers in Nigeria

Introduction Marketing, Sales and Business Development is perhaps the most popular job field as long as the Nigerian Labour Workforce is concerned. Many graduates who studied other unrelated courses are sometimes pushed to take up a position in the field when they can’t get a job in the desired area of interest. This does not […]

salaries of pharmacist, nurses and other medical professionals in nigeria

Salaries of Pharmacists, Nurses and Other Medical Professionals in Nigeria

Introduction Professionals in the Medical Sector of most developing economies can indeed be referred to as part of the big fishes in the deepest part of the ocean. Generally, they tend to live on incomes higher than many other professionals and can be termed as good and above average. The respect also accorded to the […]

Salaries of MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel

Telecommunications Industry: Salaries of MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, and Airtel

Introduction Daily Independent in 2013 reported that no GSM network operator in Nigeria has ever recorded a deficit in their balance sheet since inception. MTN and the others. This is quite impressive when looked at from the network providers’ perspectives. However, it’s expected that as these firms grow in revenue and profit, it should also […]

How to answere the salary question in Nigerian Job Interview

How to Answer the Salary Question in an Interview: Nigerian Perspective

Introduction Have you ever been for an interview and the salary question just pops up. Gbam! You were puzzled and wondering how you will answer this question without being seen as greedy or cheated. This can be the trickiest question sometimes in an interview. Here, you seem to be in between the devil and the […]

Nigerian Civil and Public Service Salaries

Nigerian Civil Service Salary Structures

Introduction Salaries and Wages in Nigeria Public service are determined by the National Salaries, Incomes & Wages Commission (NSIWC). This agency is saddled with the responsibility of deciding a realistic compensation system in the Nigerian economy. It does annual reviews of wages and salaries in the Nigerian Civil Service. The various salary structures in Nigerian […]

Nigeria Minimum wage rate

The Realities of Minimum Wage for the Common Man

Introduction Six years ago, the minimum wage rate of Nigerian civil servants was increased to #18,000. This was quite a commendable effort and a good feat for the Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration. However, six years after, the minimum wage rate of a Nigerian civil servant still remains #18,000. This is irrespective of the fact that many […]

Big Four Salaries

The Big Four: Salaries and Levels in KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY

Last Updated 7th October Introduction This article is aimed at giving insights to the salaries and salary structure of the Big Four – KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY. They are the four largest professional services networks in the world. They offer audit, assurance services, taxation, management consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services to […]

Nigerian Teachers Salaries

Salaries of Nigerian Teachers and their Perceived Lack of Competence

Introduction In light of recent happenings in the educational sector of Nigeria, particularly in Kaduna State, the competency of an average Nigerian teacher is being questioned and their job security threatened. Last week, the Governor of Kaduna State, El Rufai Nasir took upon the state’s Twitter handle to announce the failure of over 20,000 teachers […]

Nigerian Doctors Salaries

Medical Doctors Salaries in Nigeria

Introduction Given the herculean tasks and responsibilities that rely on the shoulders of an average doctor in Nigeria, it’s not farfetched why they should have their earnings on a totally different salary scale and structure when compared to that of other professions of human endeavors. Starting from getting a university degree, it’s a common trend […]


Employees Salary Analyses in Nigeria for 2017 carried out a survey of the salaries and salary structure of various employees in Nigeria, cutting across different professions, companies, industries, and the 36 states of the federation. From about 3,500 valid responses gotten from the survey, we have been able to generate analyses of employees’ salaries in Nigeria for 2017.  With three-quarter of […]

Salaries of the Nigerian Air Force

Introduction Have you ever thought if the Nigerian Air force salaries are proportionate to the labour and sacrifice they make daily for all of us? This is where to find out! The Nigerian Air force is the air-focused military force. It was formally established in January 1964 with technical assistance from West Germany. The air […]

Salaries of Nigeria Police Force (NPF)

Salaries of Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Based on Command Structure

Introduction The focus of this article is on the salaries of Nigeria police force (NPF) officers  based on the command structure and grade level. Generally, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is an arm of the executive body that is empowered by the state to protect lives and properties of its citizenry. They are also mandated […]

States and Cities in Nigeria with the Highest Salaries for their workers

Introduction ‘Big salaries’ is often the reason why many employees, especially recent graduates would prefer to work in some states and build a career there, rather than some others. With the increasing commercial activities in Nigeria, so many of her states and cities have become highly dominated with various business activities, ranging from physical buying […]

Salaries in Nigeria: The top ten (10) non-oil and gas companies that pay the highest

Introduction These are the top ten non-oil and gas companies with the highest salary scale in Nigeria. Different companies have their different workers salary scale in Nigeria. However, some companies have better salary structure and scale and thus pay higher salaries to their workers than others. Nonetheless, the salaries, bonuses, and other benefits offered by […]