Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions across Major Job Fields in Nigeria

Knowing the salary range for entry-level positions across the major job fields in Nigeria can better position a fresh graduate or job seeker. Fresh graduates and job seekers with no clear career path or preferences often look for ideas that can help them figure out what they want to do, where they want to work, and what job field is best for them to start a career.

An entry-level job is one that allows an individual to enter the workforce, often with little experience or education. These positions are sought after by fresh graduates right out of school and older workers seeking a new direction in their careers.

Different things motivate and influence different career decisions. The way a work environment can determine an employee’s interest in a company is the same way the salary range of a particular job field can determine a job – seeker’s career interest.

Most job seekers will prefer to build a career in a field with high-income possibility rate. To make sure you have the salary information you need to build your career, we have decided to give the salary range for entry-level positions across these major job fields in Nigeria:

  • Banking
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Information Technology/Telecommunication
  • Medicine/Health
  • Engineering/Technical
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Media/Advertising
  • Aviation/Airline
  • Law/ Legal
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Administrative/ Secretariat

Banking Salary Range for Entry-level Positions

Banking as a job field includes all job roles that are performed in the banking system that has to do with financial activities. It ranges from teller officer to financial officers or analyst. Banking involves the provision of financial services such as wealth management, currency exchange, payment management etc. Most job- seekers looking for entry-level positions prefer to build a career in banking.

Below are average salaries for entry-level job positions in banking


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Accounting Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions

Accounting has to do with job roles that involve the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business. Accounting as a job field covers other account related job roles.

Below are average salaries for entry-level job positions in Accounting


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Information Technology/Telecommunication

As one of the trending job fields in Nigeria, information technology is an umbrella name for job roles that are ICT related.

The average salary range for entry-level job positions in information technology/telecommunication


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Medicine/health is one job field that most persons will love to build a career in because of the respect accrued to medical and other health practitioners in Nigeria as well as their wages and salaries. In this article, we would group job roles that are health-related under medicine and health.

The average salary range for entry-level job positions in medicine/health


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Engineering makes use of scientific knowledge to solve world problems. Engineers find out how things work and find practical uses for scientific inventions that make the human living condition more comfortable. Due to the practical approach of engineering in solving real-life problems, many persons will be eager to pursue a career in engineering. There are different job roles in engineering.

Average salary range for entry-level job positions in Engineering


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Customer Service Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions

Customer service basically deals with the relationship between the organization/company and their customers. Customer service professionals answer customers’ questions and resolve issues peculiar to the organization. People keen about problem-solving would love to build a career in customer service.

The average salary range for an entry-level customer service professionals is ₦60, 000 – ₦120, 000


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Human Resources Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions

Human resources is that aspect of business or an organization that aims at ensuring that the employees are a good fit for the company in terms of skills and experience, and also makes sure that training and development opportunities are available to colleagues to enhance their performance to achieve organizational skills.

The average salary of entry-level human resources officer is ₦102, 000


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Media/Advertising Salary Range for Entry-level Positions

Job roles in media and advertising are really trending in today’s labour market. Media and advertising rules in today’s creative world. Creative people always look forward to finding jobs in media and advertising.

There are many job roles in media and advertising, but we will take a look at the salary structure of the major roles.


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Aviation/Airline Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions

The aviation/airline is one of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria. Due to the delicacy involved working in the aviation industry, they often earn well. There are other job roles in the aviation industry, but we will at the major ones.


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Law/ Legal Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions

Job roles and professions in the law/legal industry vary by duties and specific roles. The different roles in the industry are still aimed at maintaining law and order in a particular organization and the country at large. The legal industry is one of the most prestigious job fields in Nigeria.

The average salary for entry-level lawyers in Nigeria ranges is ₦76, 000


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Sales/marketing is one of the most popular job fields as long as the Nigerian labour market is concerned. Although many people run away from job roles in sales and marketing, usually because of the performance compensation structure and the fierce target oriented work environment. It is also surprising that as many persons resent job roles related to sales and marketing, some job-seekers look forward to building a career in sales and marketing as a job field because of the flexibility involved.

We will take a look at the salaries of some job roles in sales/marketing;


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Project Management Salary Range for Entry-Level Positions

Project management has to do with the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirement of a particular project. Getting a job in project management involves skills and experience. Project managers earn fairly well in Nigeria.

The average salary for entry-level project manager is ₦186, 000


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Administrative/ Secretarial

Administrative and secretarial roles are often supporting roles in many organizations. Supporting in the sense that their main function revolves around assisting in the daily running of the organization and business. Duties of administrative officers range from making reports, correspondences, information dissemination to management functions.

Below are the salaries for entry-level administrative/secretariats positions:


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Where most of the salaries given above are merely averages (meaning that the salaries are within the range stated above). It is also necessary to state that the salaries of these professionals vary due to factors like size of the company, skill, and expertise.

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